The omnibar provides kinds of functions that need user input, for example,

  • Open url(from both bookmarks and history) with t
  • Open bookmarks with b
  • Open search engines with og / ow ...
  • Open commands with :

Key bindings in Omnibar:

  • Enter to open selected item and close omnibar.
  • Ctrl-Enter to open selected item, but keep omnibar open for more items to be opened.
  • Shift-Enter to open selected item in current tab and close omnibar. If you'd like to open in current tab by default, please use go.
  • Tab to forward cycle through the candidates.
  • Shift-Tab to backward cycle through the candidates.
  • Ctrl-. to show results of next page
  • Ctrl-, to show results of previous page
  • Ctrl-c to copy all listed items
  • In omnibar opened with t:

Ctrl - d to delete from bookmark or history

  • In omnibar opened with b:

Ctrl - Shift - <any letter> to create vim-like global mark To create new map keys for Omnibar using cmapkey.

cmap could be used for Omnibar to change mappings, for example:

cmap('<Ctrl-n>', '<Tab>');
cmap('<Ctrl-p>', '<Shift-Tab>');

Omnibar(mode: Object, ui: Object): Omnibar
mode (Object)
ui (Object)
Omnibar: Omnibar instance
Instance Members
listURLs(items, showFolder)


The status bar displays the status of Surfingkeys current mode: Normal, visual, etc.

StatusBar(ui: Object): StatusBar
ui (Object)
StatusBar: StatusBar instance
Instance Members