Use VIM as a quick launcher

k.vim provides an extension of ctrlp, so that you convert VIM into a quick launcher like Find and Run Robot (FARR) or launchy. And I prefer it to other options, as it’s more flexible and intuitive.

You edit the list file (by default ~/.ctrlpk) to put all your favorite commands by specifying their full paths, with each whole command in one line. Place a ! at the start of a line to keep scratch window open for that command.

  1. Install ctrlp.vim
  2. Install k.vim
  3. Enable k.vim extension for ctrlp

     let g:ctrlp_extensions = ['k']
     nnoremap <silent> <leader>qe :CtrlPK<CR>
     " let g:ctrlp_k_favorites = '/path/to/your/list' " if you don't like the default path

Demo screencast.