vim sessions for chrome with extenstion – Surfingkeys

This is about vim session in Chrome with Surfingkeys – A Chrome vim extenstion.

Before we dive into the details, let’s feel vim session in Chrome first.

Press ZZ on any page, oops, Chrome quits with all tabs closed.

Don’t panic, open your chrome, click on empty area of the new tab to let page content get focus. And press ZR, see what you get now. Every tab is back.

That is what vim session does for Chrome.

To discover the magic, just press se to open settings, and press ff to open the default mappings, you’ll see

mapkey('ZZ', 'Save session and quit', function() {
    RUNTIME('createSession', {
        name: 'LAST'
mapkey('ZR', 'Restore last session', function() {
    RUNTIME('openSession', {
        name: 'LAST'
mapkey('ZQ', 'Quit', function() {

ZZ will save all current tabs into a session named LAST then quit. ZR will restore the session named LAST. ZQ will just quit.

To create session in Chrome with Surfingkeys will save URLs for all tabs, and to open a session will open all the URLs of the session in different tab, so basically a session is a list of URLs, which has a name.

You can create multiple sessions with different names in command mode. Press : to open omnibar for commands, then input:

createSession works

Surfingkeys will create a session named works for you, to open the session with command input as:

openSession works

To list all your saved sessions:


To delete a session:

deleteSession works