Screencast of Surfingkeys

scroll multiple targets


Here was on a page of, there were several DIVs that can be scrolled.

  1. cs to change scroll target
  2. 0 to scroll all the way to the left
  3. $ to scroll all the way to the right.

search engine from Omnibar


This is the Omnibar where someone can use different alias to choose different search engine, and finally I used og to open google directly.

search selected with in visual mode


  1. v to enter visual caret mode
  2. move the cursor to right place
  3. v again to enter visual range mode
  4. select the text
  5. sw to search it with bing

vim editor for input


Here was on

  1. I to enter input box with vim editor
  2. edit your input with vim editor
  3. Enter to save text back to the input box.

vim editor for textarea


Here was on

  1. I to enter textarea with vim editor, edit your text with the vim editor.
  2. :wq to write the text back to the textarea.
  3. The textarea got focused, and we’re in insert mode now.
  4. Ctrl-i to bring vim editor back.

vim editor for select


Here was on a page that has a select with hundreds of options.

  1. Ctrl-i to open vim editor for the select
  2. move to your option or select your option
  3. Enter to choose it

vim editor for url


su to open vim editor as address bar, you could open multiple URLs by multiple lines with each one as an URL.