Bring focus back to page content from address bar

As a Surfingkeys(or Vimium) user, it’s annoying that focus could not be easily put back to page content with keyboard shortcuts from the address bar.

There are some solutions for this problem

  1. to add search engine as below on chrome://settings/searchEngines, then pressing the keyword (such as ;) and Enter will bring focus back to page content. image

    This solution has been mentioned on below pages

  2. use Tab directly, but it will iterate through all the icons after the address bar, which means you need press Tab several times depending on how many extensions you have installed in your chrome. Fortunately there is a way to avoid this on Mac, mentioned in chromium-dev google group by tapted

    If macOS System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Full Keyboard Access is set to “Text boxes and lists only”, then Tab from the omnibox should go to the web page.

I personally prefer to solution 2.