Build up your vocabulary as you read

Privacy Policy of Dictorium Android App

Dictorium Android App will NOT collect any user data. All user data are stored on their own devices, and can be removed from user interfaces.

The only permission that this App requires is Storage, which is for users to store their picked new words from reading online. There are some extra data stored too, such as rates of users on how much they know their new words, which are used in Flash card in the App. Again all these data are stored on their own devices and will NOT be collected by any means.


There are some issues when you try to memorize new words,

  1. how to uphold the thing
  2. memorize them now, but will forget them in about 2 months

My solution to the second issue is to keep reading. It is hard to forget things that appear to you everyday. And it also can be attributed to the first issue. What I think of for the first issue is only grit, but there are some ideas that can help us on sticking to reading, such as finding those materials we are interested to read. In this way, we are studying something and indulge in it, learning new words is just a side effect of the process.

It needs more grit if someone has limited vocabulary, which looks like a deadlock. Limited vocabulary affects our reading, makes us hate reading, until we give up reading. Giving up reading then keeps words we have learned from appearing in front of us, with time goes, we foret them, which causes us less vocabulary. A vicious cycle begins.

If there is an APP that could ease your reading, such as

I’m always tring to find such APP, which could make me happy with my reading, and building up my vocabulary is just a nice-to-have goal.But I couldn’t find one, then I decided to create one by myself, I named it Dictorium, sounds like Dictionary + Chromium.

Finally, the key to build up vocabulary is to keep reading, Dictorium is just a productivity tool for that. You could install it from Dictorium - on Google Play, here are some screenshots.

Tap to translate


Play from history


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